Freight Companies: Finding The Best One For You

Freight carriers

Getting your product into the hands of your customers in a timely manner and in its best condition bodes well for both you and the customer. After successfully convincing them to buy your product, the next step is an essential step. Moving products from suppliers to your warehouse which then finally reach your customer’s doorstep, the integrity of your supply chain plays a significant role in the success of your company. For this reason, it’s essential that the freight company you choose fulfills needs at a reasonable cost. 

What is a freight company?

The pile of paperwork, alternating processes, and various regulations can be daunting for people new to international trade. Fortunately, it’s possible to ship imported goods without creating a stressful or overwhelming situation.

Freight companies can handle such responsibilities on your behalf. They specialize in shipping goods all across the country, as well as neighboring countries like Canada and Mexico. They are responsible for delivering your products to the distributors and retailers that you are associated with. Freight shipping companies offer a wide range of services that allow you to save time and money, in addition to ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of your shipments. 

Types of freight companies

In a series of operations involved in shipping your products, some freight companies are distinctive for their various specializations and provisions.

Freight companies. Their movements are limited from point A to B. Truckers, for instance, are considered freight companies because they are required to pick up the cargo and deliver it to the destination. 

Freight forwarders. They tend to find the most efficient and cost-effective way of shipping various kinds of products domestically and internationally. Acting as an agent on behalf of their shipper, they negotiate pricings and the contract’s terms and conditions with freight carriers. Additionally, they also provide other services, such as documentation and consolidation. 

Freight carriers. They are able to ship domestically and nationwide with the assistance of trucking companies, rail services, air freight carriers and more. 

Third party logistics companies (3PLs). They provide logistics services, such as freight management and freight forwarding and many more to transport your products. 

Freight Companies

What to look for in a freight company

Finding the best freight company to fulfill your needs can be quite challenging. Here are some factors to consider while choosing the best freight company. 

Reputation and Experience

This might be the most significant part to consider before hiring a freight company to trust. Considering experienced carriers can smooth down issues like port shutdowns and cargo reroutes, which are common in domestic and international shipping. If they are reputable for handling such problems, it is more likely your shipments will arrive safe and sound. 

Services Offered

When products are being shipped, there are specific requirements that should be met during transit. Make sure the company provides services that meet those requirements to avoid encountering problems in the future. The services include: insurance, customs clearance, booking cargo space, consolidation, inventory management, negotiating freight charges, tracking their transport, packing and storage, and preparing the required documents for import and export purposes. 

Global Network

As we live in an interconnected world, there are more opportunities for businesses to open up outside the country. Therefore, international shipping is essential to operate a firm nationwide. Make sure the freight company ships overseas and delivers items efficiently to the country of destination. 

Customer Service

Ultimately, the main factor that shapes the reputation of a freight company is its quality of customer service. A trustworthy freight carrier will be responsible for establishing lines of communication with clients in order to answer any questions regarding the status of the shipment.