Why To Consider A Customs Broker For Your Business

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While consumer access to the global marketplace has gradually increased, a customs broker can come in handy in more ways than one might imagine. A customs brokerage, being distinctive from the role of a freight forwarder, can assist you in creating a network with newly-established partners in the supply chain, in addition to protecting a business from delays and costly errors while importing. 

Whether your company has significant or limited international trade, you might want to consider contacting a customs broker for your business. Our customs broker services at Go Brokers will provide you with detailed advice and guide you through the procedures to achieve your goals. With their years of experience and expertise, their knowledge and resources will offer your firm a myriad of benefits. There are several benefits that come along with hiring a customs brokerage service. At Go Brokers, Inc., our knowledgeable staff members will assist you in the customs process, guaranteeing your shipments successfully clear customs and are delivered to your facility. 

By the end of the fiscal year, success can be determined by the net profit a firm has generated. Eventually, many organizations tend to mainly prioritize the responsibility of managing the cost of completing their regular business transactions. Although one of the key components of this cost includes the expenditure on production and delivery, other unexpected expenses may emerge during the delivery of goods across borders. With the help of our customs brokers, you will not face such situations, as our staff will keep you informed about these costly inconveniences. 

Our custom brokerage services provide clients with several benefits, including: custom valuations, classification of tariffs, automated clearance of customs through programs sponsored by the government, purchase-order management for imported goods, import services for non-residents, and Harmonized System Code Ruling. 

Customs Broker For Your Business

How Can Custom Brokers Protect My Business? 

They prevent errors and fraud instances. Customs brokerage services can prevent your firm from accepting imports that commit customs fraud. There are multiple ways a company can fail to represent their shipments simply by mistakenly announcing them. The undervaluation of goods results in attempts to reduce the fees paid to the importing country. Other common instances of fraud involve the misclassification of shipped goods and marking the country of origin incorrectly. 

Custom brokerage services go beyond clearance. While clearing shipments of imported goods is custom brokers’ main role, they also offer additional services, such as reselling freight rates to clients after purchasing them in bulk or providing importers with savings. Some custom brokers often offer cargo insurance packages to add another layer of protection. 

Smoothing out the supply chain. One of the main advantages to benefit from custom brokerage services is that importers will have one point of contact rather than dealing with several agencies. The contact primarily focuses on the firm’s best interests. Eventually, an importer will require a designated person to manage the process, with the essential knowledge to move it through the system. 
With their years of expertise, custom brokers are reliable in providing personalized advice to help a business succeed. Consultations may be included in the brokerage agreement, or it may be separate. At Go Brokers, Inc., our custom brokers specialize in import areas and transportation mode, making them reliable partners due to their extensive knowledge in providing extra value to the importer.